Waterproof Safety footwear

Waterproof Safety footwear S3

The safety footwear you choose will depend on the level of protection

you need while taking into account comfort and price criteria

All shoes that are EN ISO 20345 compliant are equipped with an anti-crushing toe cap that resists an impact of 200 joules

Safety footwear must also be a minimum anti-slip on smooth and greasy floors in industrial environments and the soles must be hydrocarbon resistant. It may be necessary to check whether the soles

Waterproof Safety footwear are equipped with sealing seams – to prevent water from entering the footwear – and also with a waterproof membrane

which replaces the inner lining. This membrane doesn’t let water reach the feet, because it has micropores that are too small for water drops but big enough to let air through

The difference between the waterproof safety shoes and the normal

repellent shoes is that due to the presence of the waterproofing membrane the water, after a while, could go through the leather and or the seams, but it will be stopped by the membrane.

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