Footwear technology

Footwear technology – Direct injection

Footwear technology At power we own the best machines specializing in direct injection process which produced by DSMA company ,That machine also used to compression the raw of (PU) which used in the sole of the shoe to ensure ,The adhesion of the sole and not to break the sole from bottom ,Using direct injection process bears the shoes more than 120, 000 (one hundred and twenty thousand) steps ,We considered the only factory in Egypt who possessed that machine ,

Roughing Footwear technology

  • The leathers are roughened accurately prior to direct injection in order to stick with the material of (PU), and that makes sure insole cannot be separated from the leather
  • We use a robot made by ABB in Roughing process for quality assurance

Sewing technology

  • We use the latest sewing machines and running a computer from Japanese Mitsubishi Corporation to ensure product quality

Comfortable technology

  • We use specialized programs for shoe designs to ensure comfort for the worker who will be using the product

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