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Social Responsibility :

The Power Safety Factories Group is keen to achieve social responsibility by serving the society in which it has been blessed, not only by providing distinct industrial safety mission products. .


Setting safety standards :

Setting safety standards in a factory is an essential aspect of ensuring the well-being of workers and preventing accidents and injuries

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Efficiency: :

Demonstrating the highest degrees of experience, knowledge, and ingenuity in work skills in a way that benefits the manufacturing process, and is keen to provide the highest quality standards, and create a good mental image among customers..


International awards

They have been approved by both the Egyptian Standards and Quality Organization and international laboratories with the highest European quality certificates, ISO EN20345.

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Take advantage of a wide range of high-quality safety footwear and industrial safety shoes with European accreditation certificates.



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تعامل منذ اكثر من 7 سنوات تسليمات وجوده عاليه ، باور سيفتى عندها تكنولوجيا ممتازه فى الحفاظ ع النعل
خدمه عملاء جيده بتساعدك وعندهم متخصصين فى الامور الفنيه
تسليمات فى الموعد ومصداقيه فى الضمان ، امانه وثقه فى التعامل بشكل كبير
Russel Drou


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