4 hazards to electricity, workers must be warned

With the increase in the use of technology in the workplace, this has led to an increase in the use of electricity and increase the dealings of individuals with it, despite the importance of electricity and its benefits, but at the same time, there are many dangers must be known and warn workers

Electricity risks

Electricity risks are divided into:

First: an electric shock

Second: the occurrence of sparks and cracking

Third: Burns

Fourth: Fire

Electric shock

The electric shock is caused by contact with the two terminals at the same time or at the time the agent touches the wire at the same time as it touches the ground

What are the negative effects of electrical shock?

Electric shock damage varies according to many things such as:

Humidity :

If the worker body wet with the resistance of his body to the electricity is weak and a pizzard of negative effects and damage of electric shock

Current intensity:

Depending on the intensity of the current, the effect on the worker is shown from a simple sense of tingling to death

Duration of electricity:

In the sense that the greater the exposure of the body to electricity, all the less resistance to electricity, and the lead to increase the risk of shock and its impact

The current of the current within the body:

If the current passes, such as in parallel to the axis of the body, a large part of the current Bimer through the heart and the Bezod damage caused by the shock, unlike if the current passed through the foot, for example because almost the current does not reach the heart and reduce the injury expected

The parrot and the fir

The result is that a high current from a conductor to a second conductor jumps while the circuit is turned on or off, or when static charges are discharged


In case of fire, electricity does not turn into thermal energy. For example, if the temperature of the electrical wires increases, it will often lead to the burning of plastic parts surrounding the wires

Often leading to fires
Burn injuries

The burns are the result of exposure to electric shocks and different degree of burns due to the intensity of current and direction in the body and the effects of the fire phenomenon at the entry and exit of electricity