How to apply safety and safety standards when using forklift

It is difficult to enter any facility without noting the existence of forklifts, a mechanism similar to a small tractor with two forks in the front, often made of steel and used a crane in the following:

Transfer of loads between regions
Arrange things with large weights
Filling and unloading mechanisms
Despite the importance of lifting fork, but safety standards must be followed when used to avoid any risks that may affect the worker or property

Safety procedures do not stop when using the stomach, but also before and after use:

Before use

1 – be sure to fill the fuel tank and the absence of any leakage, and when there is doubt about any leakage of fuel must inform the supervisor

2 – check the level of engine oil and the level of water in the radiator

3 – check the counters of the stomach and the keys of the operation

4 – check the alarm devices and the wheels of the stomach

5. Lift and lower the stools of the stomach to make sure they work well

6 – Shukti stomach intact and no damage

7. The battery is sound and the electrical connections are intact

8- Make sure the fire extinguisher is present and it is charged

9 – make sure the height of the doors through which the crane to ensure the passage of the crane without problems

During playback:

1- The lever is heated until it reaches the normal operating temperature

2 – make sure that the load suitable for lifting capabilities and the worker can know these qualities either through posters on the stomach or through the instructions of the supervisor

3 – the operation of the mechanism smoothly at the stop and move and lift the load and download, one of the workers suspended in the crane and could lose if the crane is not used smoothly

4 – Reserves of blind spots (angles that can not be seen by the driver during driving) during the load or in the case of vacuum load and the use of the alarm and flashlight to alert passers-by

5 – The speed does not exceed 20 km / h in the outside places, and 8 km / h inside the storage areas

6 – The distance between the two branches and the ground shall not exceed 20 cm and not less than 10 cm so that the center of the cart does not move, causing the lever to overturn.

7 – Keep hands, feet, and head inside the vehicle to avoid accidents collisions with worker loads or others

8 – The presence of one of the workers on the hoists of the crane, because this may lead to the fall of the worker and his death

9. When moving, lift the forklift at the lowest height and be inclined to the back

10 – reduce the speed at the corners so as not to lead to the coup of the crane

11. The worker must wear occupational safety tasks for the purpose of protection against the cargoes transported

After use:

1 – stop lifting in flat ground

2 – Do not stop the crane in front of fire taps or emergency doors to facilitate the use of these tools in times of emergency

3 – make sure that the lift all the limbs touch the ground

4 – All arms of control shall be in a stable position for the safety of the driver the next day

5. In the case of electric powered cranes, they shall be shipped in a well-ventilated place and inside the building